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Visarga kaal / Southern solstice / Dakshinayana

Varsha Ritu (Monsoon) :

  • Mid-July to Mid-September – It is considered as Varsha Ritu. During this season, the sky is cloudy and rains happen without thunderstorms. The lakes and rivers are filled with water. Rasa and Mahabhuta in this season are Amla (sour), and Prithvi and Agni, respectively. The strength of an individual becomes weak in this season. Variation of Vata Dosha and deposition of Pitta Dosha, Agni also gets vitiated. To do the things which reduce Pitta immediately
  • Diet Routine: Foods having Amla (tarty) and Lavana (salty) taste and of Sneha (unctuous) qualities should be eaten. Read more on different types of taste. Among grains, old barley, rice, wheat, and so on, are suggested. Other than meat soup, Yusha (soup), and etc. are to be incorporated into the daily diet. It is said that one should take medicated water or boiled water.
  • Drinking river water, having a lot of water, excessive fluid and wine should not be taken. The foods, which are substantial and difficult to process, similar to meat, are prohibited.
  • Lifestyle: Boiled water for bathing and massaging the body properly with oil is advised during this season. Medicated Basti (enema) is prescribed as an evacuative measure to expel vitiated Doshas.
  • Taila Dhara on full body is indicated to reduce Vata & related problems.
  • Drenching in rain, napping in the day, exercising, sexual indulgence, hard work, wind, staying at the river bank are some of the things that should be avoided.

Sharad Ritu (Autumn/Fall) :

  • Mid-September to Mid-November – During this season, the Sun turns out to be splendid, the sky stays clear and sometimes with white cloud, and the earth is smeared with wet mud. The prevalent Rasa is Lavana (salty) and transcendent Mahabhutas are Apa and Agni. The strength and energy of an individual stays medium, appeasement of vitiated Vata Dosha and vitiation of Pitta Dosha happens, and movement of Agni increases amid this season.
  • Diet Routine: Foods having Madhura (sweet) and Tikta (sharp) taste, and of Laghu (light to process) and cold properties should be eaten. Foods having the properties to mollify vitiated Pitta are advised. Wheat, green gram, sugar sweet, nectar, Patola (Trichosanthes diocia), meat of animals from dry land (Jangala Mamsa) is to be incorporated into the eating routine.
  • Hot, bitter, sweet, and astringent foods are to be stayed away from. The food products, such as fat, oils, meat of aquatic creatures, curds, and so on should be excluded from the diet amid this season.
  • Lifestyle: Habit of eating food, just when there is a feeling of hunger is suggested. One should take water sanitized by the beams of sun in day time and beams of moon during the evening for drinking, bathing etc. It is suggested to wear flower garlands, and to apply paste of Chandana (Santalum collection) on the body. It is said that moon beams in the initial 3 hours of night is favorable for wellbeing. Restorative methods, for example, Virechana (cleansing), Rakta-Mokshana (phlebotomy), and so on, ought to be finished amid this season.
  • Napping during the day, exposure to sun light and excessive eating should be avoided during this season.

Hemant Ritu (Late Autumn/Pre-Winter):

  • Mid-November to Mid-January -Blow of cool breezes begins and chillness is felt. Dominating Rasa amid this season is Madhura and the overwhelming Mahabhutas are Prithivi and Apa. The energy and strength of an individual stays on highest grade and vitiated Pitta Dosha gets assuaged. Action of Agni is increased.
  • Diet Routine: One should eat unctuous, sweet, tarty, and salty foods. Among grains and pulses, new rice, flour arrangements, green gram, Masha, etc., are suggested to be eaten. Different meats, fats, milk and milk items, sugarcane items, Shidhu (fragmented preparations), Tila (sesame), etc., are likewise to be incorporated into the eating regimen.
  • Vata aggravating foods, such as, Laghu (light), cool, and dry foods are to be stayed away from. Consumption of cold drinks is likewise contraindicated
  • Lifestyle: Exercising, body and head Massage, followed by Steam. Utilization of warm water, Atapa-sevana (sunbath), use of Agaru on body, substantial garments, sexual liberality with one accomplice and living in warm places is suggested. Napping during the day and exposure to strong and cold wind should be avoided.
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