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Rutucharya derives from two worlds “Ritu”  which means – Season, and “Charya” which means – Regimen / Discipline.  Each & Every Ritu – Season gives special impacts on Human body physically &  Mentally.

To cope with the impact caused by these changes Rutucharya has been meant. Rutucharya accredits us to build our physical strength and mental capability  to battle alignment  that may happen due to seasonal changes. Helps to balance- three Doshas  & keeps us fit & healthy throughout  the year.

(Season distribution ): 6 season- 12months divided in two – kaals.

Adaan Kaal/ Northern Solstice/ Uttaryana (14 January to 14 July)

  • Shishir Ritu (Winter) Mid- January to Mid- March
  • Vasant Ritu (Spring) Mid- March to Mid-May
  • Grishma Ritu (Summer) Mid- May to Mid- July

Visarga Kaal/ Southern Solstice/ Dakshinayana (14 July to 14 January)

  • Varsha Ritu (Monsoon) Mid- July to Mid- September
  • Sharad Ritu (Autumn/ Fall) Mid- September to Mid- November
  • Hemant Ritu (Late Autumn/Pre-Winter) Mid- November to Mid- January
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