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Aadaan Kaal/ Northern Solstice/ Uttaryana

During this season, the sun and the wind are extremely powerful. The Sun wards off all the energy and strength from people, and the cooling qualities from the earth. The scorching sun gives balmy and parched qualities to plants and humans. Thereby, reducing the strength among individuals.

Shishir Ritu (Winter):

  • Mid-January to Mid-March – During this season, the environment remains cold and windy. The season is best suited for restoration of body stability and equilibrium.
  • The strength of the person remains less in this season, deposition of the Kapha Dosha happens and Agni (Matabolism) remains in a higher state. Do the things which remove Kapha From Body.
  • Diet Routine: Foods having Amla (tarty) as the overwhelming taste is preffered. Cereals and pulses, wheat/gram flour items, new rice, corn, and others, are suggested. Ginger, garlic, Haritaki (fruits of Terminalia chebula), Pippali (products of Piper longum), sugarcane items, and milk and milk items are to be incorporated into the eating regimen.
  • Foods having Katu (pungent), Tikta (bitter), Kashaya (astringent) dominating Rasa are to be stayed away from. Laghu (light) and Shita (cool) foods should be avoided.
  • Lifestyle: Exercise up to one’s capacity is essential. Massage with oil/ Powder/ Paste and take shower with tepid water, exposure to sunlight and wearing warm clothes is necessary.

Vasant Ritu (Spring):

  • Mid-March to Mid-May – This season is considered as the season of flowers and origin of new leaves. Rasa and Mahabhuta during this season are Kashaya (astringent), and Prithvi and Vayu, respectively. An individual’s strength during this season remains in medium degree, vitiation of Kapha Dosha occurs and Agni i.e digestion power remains in Manda state.
  • Diet Routine: One should take foods that are easily digestable. In cereals, Wheat, rice, old barley is suggested during this season. In pulses, lentil, Mugda etc. can be eaten. Food items tasting bitter, Kattu (pungent), Kashaya (astringent) should be eaten. Honey can also be added in the diet. Foods that are cold, heavy and viscous should be avoided.
  • Lifestyle: Using tepid water for bathing is considered ideal. Exercising during Vasant Ritu is a must. Massage with the powder of Chandana, Kesara, Agaru is suggested. Kavala (gargle), Dhooma (smoking), Anjana (collyrium) and evacuative measures, like Vamana and Nasya are suggested.
  •  Sleeping during day is not advised during this season.

Grishma Ritu (Summer):

  • Mid-May to Mid-July – This season is intensely hot and environment is prevalent with unhealthy wind. The lakes and rivers are dried up, the plants are lifeless and the strength of an individual becomes weak. Deposition of Vata Dosha happens but the Kapha Dosha is relaxed during this season. Agni of the person remains in mild condition. Lavana and food with Katu (pungent) and Amla (sour) taste and Ushna (warm) foods should be avoided. Do the things which Balance Vata.
  • Diet Routine: Foods which are light to process—those having Madhura (sweet), Snigdha (unctuous), Sheeta (cool), and Drava (fluid) Guna, for example, rice, lentil, etc., should be eaten. Drinking a lot of water and different fluids, like cold water, buttermilk, fruit juices, meat soups, mango juice, stirred curd with pepper, is suggested. At sleep time milk with sugar should be taken. 
  • Lavana and food with Katu (sharp) and Amla (acrid) taste and Ushna (warm) nourishments are to be evaded.
  • Lifestyle: Remaining in cool spots, applying sandal wood and other aromatic pastes over the body, decorating with blossoms, wearing light dresses and napping at day time are useful. Amid night one can appreciate the cooled moon rays with breeze. Extreme exercise or hard work is to be avoided; a lot of sexual liberality and alcoholic preparations are precluded. Ubatan – Special cooling & cleansing pack, Kheera / Takra dhara  on full body or on head helps to cool the Body.
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