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    Welcome to Shattayu Ayurveda 1st NABH Approved & Pancharma
    Welcome to
Shattayu Ayurveda
1st NABH Approved & Pancharma

Panchkarma Specialities


Migraine is a severe throbbing pain experienced on just one side of the head accompanied by nausea..

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that causes pain and damages in various joints through..

Lower back pain

Lower back pain is a very common health complaint all over the world. We at Shattayu Ayurveda , Provides..


Polycystic ovarian disease is a medical condition affecting the ovulation process in the menstrual cycle. The main cause for PCOD..

Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is an age-related degenerative condition of bones, cartilages and disc causing wear and tear of the spinal disks ..

Osteo Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition affecting the joints in various parts of the body. The condition affects the cartilage, cushioning the joint bones..

Welcome to

Shattayu Ayurveda

  • Dr. Ankur Kotadiya
  • Dr. Rinku Patel.

We offer various types of Treatments by different Therapies. Treatments such as Vaman, Virechan, Nasya, Basti, Raktmokshan, Shirodhara, Panchakarma, Herbal Facial, Ayurvedic Hair spa, Weight loss.

The modern world is being aware day-by-day about an Ayurveda and curious to learn and have experience of its various diagnostic methods and effective treatment. “Swasthchitta” relaxed approached to life is a nector part of Ayurveda and Shattayu Ayurveda Clinic is meant for that. Read More…

Gujarat's 1st NABH
(National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers )
Recognized Panchakarm Center

Our Treatements

Panchakarma is a method of cleansing the body of all the unwanted waste after lubricating it. Panchakarma are 5 in number; hence the term PANCHA (Five) – KARMA (Procedures). Panchakarma treatment is unique in the sense that it includes preventive, curative and promotive actions for various diseases. Benefits of it, various types of treatmetns under it?

Vaman Treatment

Vaman means therapeutic vomiting – medicated emesis. Vaman treatment is targeted to expel increased kapha dosha out of the body.

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Virechan therapy is defined as the medicated purgation therapy, which cleanses Excessive pitta and purifies blood by clearing the toxins from the body.

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Basti is mainly used in the elimination of vata and Colon related problem through rectum. Medicated liquid is administrated into Rectum Which refers to Basti.

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Nasyam Treatment

The nose is the door way to the brain. In this therapy, head, face and chest is massaged with specific herbal oil and made to perspire.

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Rakta Mokshan is the fifth panchkarma that alludes to the purification of the blood by letting it to eliminate toxins. All kind of skin disorders, non healing ulcers.

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Udvartana is a special powder massage which eliminates toxins from deep tissues. This massage is done in the opposite direction to hair follicles.

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Abhyangam is a Sanskrit word which means oil application. “Skin” is the largest sensory organ in our body. Abhyangam is commonly known as ayurvedic oil massage.

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Panchakarma is Sanskrit word, mean “five action” or “five treatment”. A process that cleans the body of residual toxic materials left by disease and builds.

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Shirodhara Treatment

Shirodhara Treatment is a combination of two words, shiro means head and dhara means flow. Medicated liquids are gently poured over the forehead.

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Get an Expert Medical Opinion from one of our world-renowned specialists so you can have the answers.

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Gujarat's 1st NABH Accredited Panchakarm Center.

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We are the ONLY NABH approved / Medicliam benefited treatment center.

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Shattayu Ayunqiue Treatment

Based on consultation, your Ayunique treatment is a combination of personalized medication, dietary and lifestyle recommendations.


Identifies root cause of your diseases and provides customized treatment according to your problem.


No single solution medication but a wholesome treatment solution uniquely formulated for you.


First works on reducing the current medicine dosage and then helps you to manage it through Ayurveda.


Most important thing is that, No Any Side Effects or further health complications of Ayurveda.

Our Experties

Shattayu Ayurveda Founder are Dr. Ankurben Kotadiya & Dr. Rinkuben Patel. We offer various types of Treatments by different Therapies.

Unadulterated Ayurveda Practitioners (Vaidya or Vaidyaraj) get to be finished veteran in Ayurvedic Doctorine after they completely aquire adequate information of Shattayu Ayurveda Clinic.

Dr. Ankurben Kotadiya

B.A.M.S. , M.D. (Ayu)

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