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Eat right, Exercise right, Sleep right, this is the perfect health Mantra….for the focused systematic and committed health conscious person. Are we there….???

Many of us unknowingly live an unhealthy life due to the jet set life style we need to maintain to cop up with the demands of today’s Executive urban living. Touring half the time, eating whatever comes our way, no time for exercise, and habits of smoking & consumption of alcohol, career commitments, post natal issues and middle age blues; some people can’t take hard exercise due to age and weak joints. Situation is alarming as majority of today’s urban society is struggling with major health issues at very young age itself. Is there any solution for this …?

The answer is Niramaya – Shattayu ayurveda Health maintenance Program

This is a first kind of health maintenance program through the world famous Panchakarma therapies combo has been made. It is a combination of Internal and External panchakrama therapies which does detail detoxification along with revitalization.
This is the program has been designed to take care of head to toe beutification through various kind of Panchakarma therapies. It helps to hold the age and improves skin tone too.

Niramaya includes:

  • Internal panchakarama according to body type Vaman/Virechan/Basti/ Nashyam/ raktamokshan etc.
  • External therapies: Kaya kalpa/Saundarya vardhini / shirodhara / PPS / SPS / Aroma Abhyangam.
  • This is one year well designed plan and shall be renewed every Year.
  • Spend some hours an year at  Shattayu Ayurveda to indulge in these sublime therapies to stay young and healthy.

Post Delivery Care:

  • During pregnancy, the mother’s body undergoes a series of structural and functional variations. This natural adaptation aim at the safe and healthy development of the fetus as well as facilitating the process of normal labour.
  • After delivery, she needs good care  and attention to regain normally and to prevent post-natal complication which may sometimes sustain for long.

Post natal care Aims at :

  • Prevention of infection and incidence of excessive bleeding.
  • Relief in body pains and weakness.
  • Supporting the process of ‘involution’ of uterus  by which it regains almost its shape and size.
  • Enhancing the production of breast milk.
  • Correcting digestion troubles.
  • Getting back to shape and reduce excess fat.
  • Overall repair and toning up of muscles.

Your date with the our doctors at Shattayu Ayurveda is as important as your date with your gynecologist for a healthy post natal care.

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