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Obesity Package

In  Ayurveda, Weight loss or gain  doesn’t concern  through counting  calories, but it helps to bring harmony back into one’s life.

Ayurveda helps getting the optimal weight according to person’s body constitution, by removing excess kapha(Fat) or by balancing vata (insufficient weight).

By the effective application of Panchakarma therapies, we help you to reduce weight in the most scientific and natural way without fasting and over exercising.

Additional Benefits of Weight loss through Ayurveda :

  • Wrinkle free Glowing Skin
  • Detoxified body
  • Toned up muscles
  • Improved immunity
  • Improved stamina & general Health
  • Younger look

Package includes Panchakarma therapies like…Vaman/ virechnam/ Basti/ Udavartanam/ Power yoga sessions/ churna pinda swedan / etc..

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