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About us

  • Dr. Ankur Kotadiya
  • Dr. Rinku Patel.
We offer various types of Treatments by different Therapies. Treatments such as Vaman, Virechan, Nasya, Basti, Raktmokshan, Shirodhara, Panchakarma, Herbal Facial, Ayurvedic Hair spa, Weight loss. The modern world is being aware day-by-day about an Ayurveda and curious to learn and have experience of its various diagnostic methods and effective treatment. “Swasthchitta” relaxed approached to life is a nector part of Ayurveda and Shattayu Ayurveda Clinic is meant for that.

Shattayu Ayurveda Clinic has a concept to improve life style in Healthy and Holistic way and ancient medical science of divine faith, co-ordinated with nature, andit’s power. This has carefully been reserved as Nurtured Treasure since over theby gonegolden era of Charak, Sushrut, deals with the diseases and recovery of health.

Unadulterated Ayurveda Practitioners (Vaidya or Vaidyaraj) get to be finished veteran in Ayurvedic Doctorine after they completely aquire adequate information of Shattayu Ayurveda Clinic.


Our Team

Dr. Rinku Patel.


Dr. Ankur Kotadiya

B.A.M.S M.D. (Ayu.)

Our Vision

  • We will be known for the sympathy, responsibility, commitment of our facility and managerial staff in conveying moral and model social insurance administrations to our clients while making their experience a vital one.

Our Mission

  • To give Healthy living without reactions.