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Suvarna Prashan

  • Maharshi Kashyap, an ancient ayurvedic paediatrician especially formulated “Suvarna Prashan” for growing children to improve their mental  function  along with physical strength.
  • Suvarna Prashan is one of the sanskar among the sixteen sanskar of Indian culture. It  improves grasping power and also memory booster.
  • Suvarn Prashan can be given to age group of 0-12 yrs.
  • Suvarn Prasahan should be given on every Pushya nakshatra – An Auspicious day which happens to come after every 27 days.
  • Suvarna Prashan works on same Principal of Modern vaccination, but provide non specific  Immunity.
  • It is a Grace and bless of Ayurveda to Improve Immunity in Child.



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